Beauty Buys I’m Loving Right Now

Dior abricot nail cream

Dior-ApricotMy cuticles are the only reason I like to go to the nail salon. They always seem to peel, crack or look nasty. The first time I used this product, is when the new Dior free standing store opened up in my local mall. When I opened the product in store, I was all ‘Eww, weird‘. But then the sales associate sucked me in and suggested that I only apply this at night to let it sink in. It’s not sticky, but more in between a grimey feeling (gosh I’m describing it terribly) and semi-sticky. But you wake up with hydrated cuticles for the full-day! Even throughout washing your hands. Unheard of around my dry scaly hands (I’ve been told by a guy once I have lizard-hands). A must-buy! [Dior Abricot Nail Cream]

Lancôme Juicy Shaker

A hydrating product and perfecting timing with their release right before summer hits. If you’re looking for more colour to your lips, I’d suggest the deeper tones of Juicy Shakers as they’re not as pigmented as one may think. But they do nourish the lips and act like a balm to the lips, leaving it with a glossy finish turned into a stain. The product itself will only last about an hour or two on, so be sure to cart it along in your purse and reapply throughout the day. [Lancôme Juicy Shaker]

Philosophy Whipped Body Cream

Amazing-GraceThis will come as no surprise, as any time I talk about anything beauty related Philosophy plays a major part in the role of my skincare regimen. On my birthday Mr. Spiffykerms took me to Ulta (so we could buy more sunscreen!) and he picked me up another tub of my favourite whipped body butter. It has the most soft delicate scent to it, and reminds me of my wedding day (although, I wore the Living Grace scent on my wedding day). But still! [philosophy amazing grace]

HABIT Nail polish

Habit-Polish-on-nailsEither my nails are painted a nude/white shade, or they’re jet black/darkest as dark can be. This one is a super dark shade of brown. I spotted the Habit brand of polishes first at Lou + Grey in Santana Row. [Habit Nail polish*]

AHAVA hand cream

AhavaI had been using AHAVA hand creams when I lived in Canada, and I went through tubes and tubes of them at work. I even got a couple of my old co-workers hooked on the one original scent. I never did look into buying any more once moving to California, but luckily I’m re-stocked up now as the brand sent some more scents to try out. They’re just as fantastic as the original (also shown). They don’t leave your hands greasy feeling at all, and they seem to last throughout 1 handwash which, hey, is rare! Lovin’ it. [Ahava hand cream*]

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine

YSL-LipsticksI’m all about the lip products that feel hydrating on the lips and I don’t mind reapplying. Like the Burberry Kisses lipstick I reviewed, this has been getting a lot of use and is constantly in my purse, ready for reapplying. Plus, look at that packaging. Unreal. The rouge volupte shine shade I’ve been rocking lately is in the colour 09 Nude in Private. [YSL Rouge Volupte Shine]

Burberry Cashmere Concealer

Burberry-concealerI purchased this during the Sephora sale back in April and have been using it quite a bit. Due to the porcelain shade I purchased, it has this gorgeous brightening effect on my under eye area and it doesn’t crease throughout the day. [Burberry Cashmere Concealer]

Burberry Eyebrow Definer

Burberry-eyebrow-definerDon’t get me wrong, I still love my Hourglass Arch Brow + Dior Universal Brow combo on my eyebrows, but having one solid product is better than two getting the same job done! See my review on it here which includes before/after photos. It’s great! [Burberry Eyebrow Definer]

Tom Ford Bronzer

Tom-Ford-bronzerLate night Sephora shopping kills me. But it all paid off, because I am loving this gorgeous Tom Ford bronzer in 02 Terra. Luckily it’s in between a cool-toned contour shade, and a nice warm bronze shade to warm up the skin. I apply this to the outer areas of my face (okay, basically everywhere since I love looking tan!) and down the nose too for a little sunkissed look. [Tom Ford Bronzer]

Dare you tell me your recent buys and subconsciously persuade me into buying some of your new favourite items? Hehe!

Disclaimer: * = products were sent for review. Opinions are my own, since I would’ve bought it with my own money anyway!

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