Habit Nail Polish | A Natural Way to get a manicure

Habit-Polish-on-nailsI am loving the amount of companies nowadays that are natural, and organic. Aka, no longer harmful to use!

As you saw probably in yesterdays post, I had my nails painted in this yummy deep chocolate brown nail polish by Habit polish. This is the first all-natural nail polish that has stood out to me, not only is the packaging on point, but their polish is great too and lasts over two days without chipping. The only thing I would change is the wand-size of the nail polish applicator. I prefer a brush the size of Dior, or Sally Hansen since I’m quite incapable of painting my nails cleanly, even with my tips of faking the perfect manicure.

Habit-NailsWhen I want my polish to last more than a few days I usually apply a super duper nice topcoat (like the Dior Gel Coat that I always reach for). But if Dior isn’t in your budget or if you’re into more natural beauty – pick up the AILA Cosmetics Better Than Gel Top Coat $17 USD. I haven’t used enough of it to know if it gets goopy half way through the bottle, but so far – top notch shine on those dark nails!

Habit-PolishI was a bit skeptical on the AILA Cosmetics 3-in-1 nail polish remover $19USD, since I tend to use a super abrasive / pure acetone on my nails to take off all the polish. But this one seems to do the job just as fine, and it feels much more nourishing on the nail than regulary polish remover which obviously completely dries out your cuticles. And, if you have dry skin like me — that can get ugly, quick.

NailsI think the packaging and the products perform just as well as any other brand out there. Two thumbs up over here!

AILA Cosmetics 3-in-1 nail polish remover $19USD
AILA Cosmetics Better Than Gel Top Coat $17 USD
HABIT Cosmetic Nail Polish $18 USD

If you’re looking for luxury organic skincare, green beauty, natural makeup check out BeauTeaBar. Plus, they have free shipping when you spend over $75.

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