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When I workout at CrossFit, I come home and immediately make supper. I get home from work at about 5:50, change from my work clothes to my workout clothes, fill up my water bottle and head out the door again for a 6:30 class. When I get home I don’t even take off my (hot pink awesome) sneakers — I literally get supper started and then I get chores done once supper’s cooking. Most times I’m okay with the hectic evenings, but lately I’ve been finding myself only going to CrossFit twice a week. I think it’s because I went 4 times in a week two times in a row and it was like my body was burning out. I suppose the four days straight in a row didn’t help.

Usually a few times per week, my boyfriend heads out on his tri-bike for his training rides in the evenings after work. He is a triathlete training for his 3rd Ironman Canada. Normally he takes drinks with stuff in them for electrolytes. Obviously he needs them more than I do since I only work out for 2hrs each week. But when he comes home he almost always has a drink that has whey in it.

When I get home all I want is some meat, like chicken or even protein shakes. Though I don’t think I personally need to take them since as I said I’m not working out for so many hours in one individual day. Where as he goes biking, then swimming then out for a run after all of that. In one night. Superstar I tell you. The motivation he has.

We booked out flights again for heading out west in August to attend the 29th Ironman Canada. It’s getting comfortable now where we know exactly what to do, what to take, and what not to take since this will be our 3rd year going.

Tons of people always question me if I’m ever going to take up triathlons. Personally, I have to say that I used to be semi-interested in them. But now — I just tell people that I have my own sports. I’m really not that excited to jump into a pool and have my body beaten up by feet and elbows swinging everywhere. Biking is tough, and running is just okay. lol. As a lot of you know already my sports are climbing (and a new climbing gym is opening up in my area in August!), CrossFit, Soccer and occasionally running.

So my question is, do you guys take any supplements when you workout? Such as casein or the like? Why or why not?

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  1. I don’t take any fancy supplements. I am pretty simple, I just have smoothies with protein powder or I mix the protein powder with yogurt. Yum!

  2. I drink a whey protein shake every morining. Caesin protein is a great night time snack. The caesin helps you sleep & aids in muscle recovery while you sleep.

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