Budget time

I don’t always use coupons when I shop. In fact I haven’t used coupons in over six months for stuff. I think it just falls by the way-side and gets easily forgotten about. Plus I’m not that organized with them, they’re always in an envelope and it’s annoying to cart them around. I’m not the best for hunting out deals, and when I do it’s usually just toilet paper and razors. Those never go bad, and you can never have enough lying around.

Saving money isn’t just about using paper coupons in stores. Whenever I do online shopping, which is more often than me shopping in real stores, I try to scope out as many coupon codes as possible, find the best one and use that on my purchase. With Alfie, our Pom – we were recently looking into getting him new nail clippers and scoping ot the Petsmart coupons 2012. When I was up visiting my relatives over Easter my cousin mentioned that there’s a new type of nail clipper that senses the blood or the cuticle of the nail, so it’ll blink red or yellow if you’re getting too close to the nail bed. It’ll blink green when you’re good to go. I think I need that because I almost always cut at least one of Alfie’s 2000 little nails when trimming them. Poor guy. He fights me when it’s time to do it, and even now knows the words “Getchur nails cut?” he runs away and sometimes pees on the floor because he’s so scared. TMI. Sorry. This isn’t what this post is about, hee…

The website I’m linking has tons of Geek Gadgets and Coupon Promo Codes 2012. It’s not just about coupons though, you can go there to get news and info about the latest gadgets. They post a ton each day and the post are pretty entertaining to say the least. So, basically they save us – the consumer money, so we can afford to buy more fun things for ourselves! Go ahead and check out AbeBooks coupon code 2012 for instance.

Where do you go to get promotional coupon codes?

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