Move in must-haves

I get in these weird house-hunting moods. There’s certain specifications that I want when we buy a home. We’re not actively looking at the moment because of the area we are in is quite high at this time. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have a list ready when I do go! :)

First off, there needs to be a dishwasher and laundry (of course). There are many nights that I leave the sink filled up with hot soapy water in the very old stainless steel not so pretty non- granite sink lol. By the way, how do you clean granite sinks? With my stainless steel one, I always use the can of comet to clean the entire sink. It does a finnnne job, let me tell you. But granite is probably much more susceptible to damage. I could be entirely wrong though.

Other stuff I’d love to have in a home — a lot of natural sunlight. I had rented a bedroom (a master no-less) and it had the most gorgeous sunlight come in, that I rarely needed lights on in the room when I was there. It was incredible.  I think I’d also like to have a real fire place. I grew up with one in both the homes that I lived in for many years, in Newfoundland. I miss it so much!

What are some of your must-haves when you’re looking at homes?

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