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I think I’ve honestly only gone through one tube of lip balm in my whole life. I always have a few stashed in my  in my purse/coat/desk at work. Though, either they get lost or I just lose interest in the flavor/scent/product quality in itself and chuck it.

Since my favorite lip balm (Burt’s Bees — Lifeguards Choice, that smells like peppermint. It’s a white stick and kinda leaves that on your lips, but it’s actually cool on your lips. I LOVE it though, and I use it sparingly. There’s only a wee bit left.) has been discontinued, I’ve been on the hunt for a new lip balm. I contacted Blistex a few weeks ago, because I heard they were giving out freebies. lol. I went to their website and said that I was almost running out of their Fruit Smoothies (Which is total B.S., as I’ve never used Blistex in my life!) and I was going to pick up more. A lady e-mailed me back asking for my address and then two days later I received three free Fruit Smoothies lip balm. It’s still unopened and in it’s original packaging. Anyway, what I’m getting as is that my boss had given me a lip balm a few months back, and I’m almost ¾ the way through it! Avène (shown right) is a bit costly at $12 for a 4 gram tube (Shoppers Drug Mart, folks!). But nothing leaves my lips smelling … fresh, almost like a baby scent fresh. Not overpowering, I have to actually look for the scent. I don’t exactly know how to describe it, but when I run my two lips together it’s not ‘slimey’, but it glides with ease (almost the way ‘softlips’ product goes on). It doesn’t have a shine or shimmer to it at all. All in all, it’s just total nice–ness on my lips. I’ve used this on the coldest of days during our winter and I’ve piled it on only for it to last long enough that I forgot that I haven’t applied it lately. So mainly, I just usually apply it once and I’m pretty much good for the whole day! Insane. I’m definitely going to have to purchase this myself.

My boss has been using their skin products line since November. I’ve used their ecezema cream once or twice, but not enough to go out and purchase it, because like I said it’s pretty costly and I don’t have eczema that bad anymore, thanks to having a water softener at my new place! Their packaging is very simple, yet sophisticated, and I’ll definitely be purchasing this once my first tube runs out. I opened my Blistex lip balm freebies the other night, and it really tastes yucky, and doesn’t leave a nice coating on my lips like the Avene stuff does.

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  1. Try the Avene Trixera emolliant balm, it basically has cured my eczema. Ask for a sample from a cosmetician at Shoppers. That’s how I tried it.

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