Volunteering at IMC

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This summer will be our third trip to British Columbia for Ironman Canada that the Boyf’s competing in. This year his little sister is coming along for the ride. She and I are going to be volunteering at one of the run aid-stations. I’m not sure if I’m excited or sad.

Usually I have my own routine stuck down and I don’t like ot change it. I like to wander around, get lunch, cheer on the triathletes. I like waving my Newfoundland flag and ringing the ever so annoyingly loud cowbell cheering on everyone who is having a rough go of it.

When I accepted to volunteer I realized I’d have to be paying attention to the runners, giving them their choice of water/Gatorade/pepsi. Not being able to wave my newfie flag and ring my cowbell.

Either way, I think I’ll get an Ironman volunteer tee out of it. That’ll be cool. Right?

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