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Totally random but sometimes I can be a really awkward person, even with writing blog entries. Other times I’m not — but I wanted to mention that I blogged on the Healthy Living Blogs website today, and was featured on the main page. Super cool. You can check out my blog post: What Healthy Means To Me there!

What is everyone up to this fiiiine evening? I’m going to sit my butt down after a long hard week and watch some TV online… either Big Brother 12, or some other shows that I don’t get from not having cable on our not so fancy bulky mini tv. We’re actually looking at some new tv’s at Future Shop, like the huge flat screen television sets. We definitely need a bigger place though too… all in good time.

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  1. That’s exciting that you were featured on there!

    As for this fine evening… I’m just browsing the web. Will go out to dinner later! Hopefully you can get a nice, big TV!

  2. Hi Nancy! Please email me. I emailed you, but my message was returned failed. I have questions about a freelance project I would love to see if you could quote for me. Thanks!

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