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Remember when I sweet-talked my Family Doctor’s receptionist to make an appointment for me to have a pulmonary function test done? It worked! She booked one for me for the middle of September which may seem like ages away, but it’s perfect!

Meanwhile, I also had my ferritan (iron) tested again. I knew it was going to be low since I rarely eat iron enriched foods such as red meat, spinach and the like. I ended up taking iron supplements such as Palafer. I used to be really strict with myself, taking the supplements and then ended up stopping because I had to take so many pills like Docusate Sodium  (don’t make me explain, just google it lol)to counter-act the affect Iron had on my body. My iron is back down to a low grade at 7. Apparently iron is supposed to be between 10 and 291. Quite a range, so 7 is pretty low. I think when I had it first checked in 2006, it was down to 3 or something crazy. Well that explains why I’m feeling tired constantly. I just thought “that was life”. Ha!

Anyway, enough of this health talk, I’m outta here. But don’t forget to enter my contest — you can have a chance to win a $60 gift card to CSN stores. Just tell me a good story and maybe I’ll pick you. Also, has anyone seen any movies lately? I don’t frequent the movie theatre that often, but the Boyf and I saw Inception on Tuesday (cheap night) evening and it was insane! Have you seen that one??? Wow, is all I can say. I wasn’t expecting the movie to be like that at all. Leo is such an incredible actor, and that Cillian Murphy guy (who I blogged about years ago) is still creepy as hell. His cheek bones and deep set light blue eyes scare the heavens out of me and if I was to have a nightmare with an axe murderer in it, he’d be the culprit. Just sayin’.

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  1. I’ve been battling low iron for years. I didn’t realize how tired I was until my iron level went up and I had all this amazing energy! It feels fantastic! I don’t eat red meat and my doctor told me I don’t have too. He said to stick to lots of green veggies. But the difference for me has been prenatal vitamins. No, I’m not pregnant! I have been taking prescription prenatal vitamins for about a year now. Unlike other pills, these don’t hurt my tummy. My iron level in the winter was 4 and at my last checkup it was 80.

    Good luck. Having low iron is really frustrating. In my experience, I was just so dang tired and no one really had an empathy for me because I didn’t look sick.

    Nancy says: I wonder what the dose difference is like between over the counter, and prescription? Do you not take any iron pills? Just prenatals? I dislike taking iron pills seeing as what it does to the body and so now I’ve decided to take it once every 2 days instead of having one a day.

  2. I saw Eat, Pray, Love recently. I liked it, but I guess the reviews were not good. There are lots of movies that I see previews for and intend to see them, or rent them when they come out but I always forget to.

    Nancy says: I’d like to see that movie too.

  3. The prenatal vitamins are actually two different pills. I take one with mostly iron in the morning before I eat. The second one with folic acid and other goodies comes at night after supper. The only time my stomach hurt was when I was accidentally taking the iron both in the morning and at night. Silly me!

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