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Monday night I ended up running at 9pm with two friends. One of those friends I haven’t ran “alone” with (besides group trail runs) in over a month! It was good to finally get out there with them both and have a good relaxing run. Except it wasn’t relaxing for me. Once again my breathing started getting all crazy and it sounds just like I’m  hyperventilating, or that I have asthma. It gets embarrassing, because my body can do it — since I have done it in the past, and just this past 4 or 5 weeks my breathing has been slowing me down.

I mentioned last week I went to the doctor finally. But there hasn’t been an appointment yet set up for me to get some pulmonary function tests done. So I called my family doctor who is also my soccer team mate. She’s on freaking holidays. She did not make an appointment for me to get my breathing checked. What. the. hell? Just because she thinks I’m fine in soccer (which I sometimes am I mean, you get TONS of breaks with soccer) but c’mon you’re a DOCTOR. If I have breathing problems, just don’t tell me it’s mental if you’ve only known me during a brisk game of soccer, and you haven’t gone on runs with me. To say I am a bit upset at this, is a bit of an understatement.

But since she’s on holidays I somehow sweet-talked my way with the receptionist who will get the replacement Doctor to sign off on a requisition to get me checked out. So much crap to go through just to get peace of mind. Plus, I’m going on holidays soon for two weeks. At least the receptionist is being incredible and looking up places in my city (so I don’t have to travel to my family doctor’s city) so I can have all this stuff done.

So.  Continuing on the topic of running… I update my iPod once in a while (which I haven’t updated it, since I received it in 2007 I don’t think. I KNOW. Crazy.) But I just don’t download music anymore, and I don’t buy the $0.99 songs on itunes. So I’m stuck with either old music or no music when I go out on a run.

Some upbeat music that I have been wanting to put on my ipod lately?

  • I speak no Americano (I LOVE this! It’s insane, but so catchy)
  • Magic. Feat B.O.B. I already have this song, I just have to put it on my iPod. I can definitely see myself running a bit harder when this catchy tune comes on.

Do you run with music?  Do you listen to upbeat / mellow / hardcore music on your runs?  Tell me some songs! I need some new ones :)

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  1. Yea! I’m obsessed with the Magic song, too! :p It’s just too fun not to be… as corny and lame as i sound saying that. :)

    Sorry about the breathing situation… have you looked into it at all?

    Nancy says: Yeah I went to my Doctor about the breathing. She seems to think it’s all in my head as do most people. But has this happened “my whole life” as my Mom told me that I used to complain about breathing before. I’m not really sure what to think just yet. Once I get the pulmonary function test done I can relax :)

  2. I love new running songs!!! Despite being a very nice and happy person, I really like running to angry/intense music. Weird. Some of my faves are Lose Yourself (Eminem), November Rain -long version (Guns n Roses), Harder to Breathe – Live version (Maroon 5), Best of You (Foo Fighters)

  3. My most recent favs list:
    1. Rihanna – Fire Bomb
    2. Kanye West – Power
    3. Tiao Cruz ft Ke$ha – Dirty Picture
    5. Eminem – Love the Way You Lie
    6. Shontelle – Impossible
    7. Rihanna – Te Amo

    Enjoy ;)

    Nancy says: Huh! I punched in each one of those songs into Youtube and I have never heard of them before! (Well, except for Eminem, and Shontelle)

  4. They are linked to the videos on my blog too! I would have to say that Fire Bomb is my absolute fav right now… very good for running… i usually just giv’er during the chorus!

  5. Haven’t heard of either of those before
    That first song is fun…
    and for the second one, does it feature Rivers Cuomo (lead singer of Weezer?) Totally sounds like him.

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