Success in the kitchen

I made quinoa for the first time last night. It turned out beautifully. It’s my new favorite, grain… plant? What is it? I love it.

I have my menu plan all set out for the week in advance, and I knew last night was salmon night. I was thinking of having basmati rice, cooked in chicken stock. But then I remembered I have yet to attempt quinoa.

All I did was follow the instructions on the box, and wouldn’t you know, it actually turned out okay! I did have to drain a bit of the stock out, as it was too watery even with the recommended amount. But whatevs. No biggie.

Supper served with a salad, garlic bread, lemon pepper salmon with a side of broccoli and chicken stocked quinoa. Mmm-mmm! Doesn’t it look deeerrrrricious? :)Halloween is coming up on Monday, is anyone dressing up or going out this weekend? I’m sure there’s tons of you out there. I haven’t dressed up in literally years. But my co-workers and I are all dressing up on Monday for work. I don’t own any costumes but my co-worker has a tickle truck full of goodies. Just like Mr. Dress-up! She let me borrow something. I can’t show you what I’m going to be until Halloween, and I was going to show you a sneak peak, but then the outfit is so simple that you’d definitely guess it right away. Ha. 

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