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You would think WordPress would have automatically updated me to 2.6.1 since I only installed the darn thing two weeks ago! In any regard, I don’t know if I’m going to take it upon myself to update. I’ve heard that a few people’s layouts got all mashed up after updating. I’m not smart enough with WordPress to do that, yet.

So, you all want to see the front of my new hair, do yaass? Actually, only one person really does, since that was the only comment on my previous entry. Boo I’m a boring blogger! It really doesn’t look much different from the front (or at least, I don’t think so). It’s just darker and a few people commented and have told me my eyes look lighter … not exactly what I was going for. Light eyes creep me out, like that guy from the movie Red Eye: Cillian Murphy. Yeah! Holy hell, I hate his eyes or maybe it’s just his overly big eyelids or sharp chiseled cheekbones or flaming big lips. Perhaps everything about him then? I can’t stand seeing him in movies. He was even in Batman Begins which surprised me in an unpleasant way, and I couldn’t stand it. Ramble ramble…back to my hair, right? Let me know what you guys think! Click that mini image to the right to enlarge. Unfortunately my hair is totally fried and in order for it to look great, I have to straighten it, which in turn — kills hair. Right? I’ll never get around this, if I want to keep my hair longer than shoulder length. Trying to grow hair out beautifully, sucks and never works with baby fine hair, like mine. Ugh!

How much are extensions? Has anyone had experience with them? Can you brush your hair with them in? lol My hair is a tangly mess when I get out of the shower. I’d like to maybe think about investing in something like that…maybe.

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  1. I wanted to see the front! I think I commented on your Flickr!

    One of my friends just got clip in extensions her stylist matched to her hair color– they were $300 and you couldn’t tell they weren’t really until she pointed it out. The problem did come when at the end of the night when the hair kind of gets frizzy (Florida humidity) you could notice a little bit that the fake hair didn’t frizz.

  2. i LOVE your hair! it looks sexay! so glad you went darker too, it suits you so well.

    and i think it depends on what kind of extensions you get. i think sewn in extensions last the longest and look the best probably. and you should be able to brush them!

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