I heart (expensive) purses

Purse lovah. I have a thing for white purses, but then who’d want it to get dirty? I certainly have no idea how to clean purses.

Haylie Duff sporting a lovely purse. Gimmie!

Kristin Cavallari sporting a Michael Kors Gansevoort Tote ($299)

Chloe Gemma handbag

Prada Cervi Antik (source)

After browsing online for some purses, I was lusting after a nice brown one. I headed into the local Coach store and found a lot of ugly purses. I don’t like the name to be sprawled everywhere, and I’m more a fan of leather, than I am fabric. The leather one’s weren’t that eyecatching to me.

The other day I went into H&M after work and I spotted a purse that was inexpensive and pretty. And in brown! I don’t own any brown or black purses. So, I snatched it up and bought it instantly. This is the type of purse I would like to have last me a long time. If it was real leather I’d be happier. But this bag will probably only last me six months to a year.

But it’s nice, right? I am definitely bringing this purse with me to British Columbia on the airplane. Well — I’m off to make some custom luggage tags. Seriously. I am. Benefits of being a Graphic Designer!

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  1. I LUUUV purses!! My closet is full of them! Some women love the shoes… i love my purse collection! Make sure to post pics of your luggage tags, i want to see them :)

  2. I love that bag! I am a big Coach fan but I agree, I don’t like the name sprawled everywhere. The “C’s” don’t bother me though.
    I’d go nuts & be a broke-ass if we had H&M in Tulsa!

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