Anthroshoes ‘n’ wants

The first 2011 Anthropologie wish list (once again).

I think I’m going to stalk these wooden heels til they go on sale. I’d love for them to be MINE.

This looks like a darling little numba, but the price tag does not. 90% off and I’ll buy it?

Oh, hai. It’s also my Daddio’s birthday tomorrow morn — well, I guess all day. Technically. A phone call (and using my blackberry and not one of the prepaid cell phones) is in order to the household.

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  1. You always pull off those Anthro clothes so beautifully. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can get those shoes on sale!

    p.s. I gave you a blogger award!

    Nancy says: Thanks, I heart anthro. I usually try and wait til I’m in a store + sale to buy the items I’m eying. Thanks for the award!

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