Tell me this isn’t true

Don’t you love it when you find a fabulous hair stylist? Or an inexpensive nail lady? I’ve lucked out with both within the past couple of years.

I’ve been going to my new hair stylist and have already followed him to a new salon (where I spotted Angela a few weeks back). Since I’ve been loyal to following him to the new place he’s been giving me hair cuts for so much less than at the other place. I’m almost as content with him as I was with my stylist back home who ended up quitting due to an addiction of drugs. Yeah. Tell me about it.

Either way, I love going into a salon where the stylist makes you absolutely happy and you don’t have to tell him/her what you want. They just do it for you. They know what looks good. Right? Isn’t that the best? He knows I’ll never cut my hair above my shoulders, as he and I both love me with long hair. So fun. I just wish he’d let my “bangs” grow out and not even dare touch them. I tell him this every time, but he refuses. Sigh.

As for my nail lady. I used to take the bus to visit her for a self-spa day getting my $20 pedicure which takes a ridiculously long time as she’s so meticulous with everything she does. The polish never chips. Never. It just grows out. I can’t speak for her manicures though. For only $10 you can’t beat it, but since my hands during the winter always crack and are painfully dry — the manicure looks good for 3-5 days.

So! I had my first pedi of 2011 last week, and my next hair cut (I mean, trim)  this week!

Tomorrow’s post is going to be bombarded with photos. Be prepared, and no it won’t be about a prenatal vitamin, but rather cars. Maybe I’ll post about my argument with this ebay seller in California refunding me £1.50 shipping instead of what I was owed. Why is she even operating in pounds instead of US dollars? Oh the unnecessary stress.

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  1. I do love it when I find a fabulous hair stylist. I found one two years ago that I have been going to ever since. I just sit down and let her cut (well I give very basic guidelines) and it always turns out looking great. :) Glad to hear you were able to find another stylist that you wanted to stick with, it is difficult to find someone to trust with your hair.

    Also, this has nothing to do with this posting, but I just wanted to let you know that I just tried the Banana Bread recipe that you have posted. It is an awesome recipe! Came out perfect and the boyfriend loves it to!

    I have never been successful with banana bread, the recipes never worked for me, but this one is perfect!

    Thank you!!!! :)

    Nancy says: Oh man, really??? That’s wicked news, glad to hear it worked out for you. Also, so sad I didn’t get to see you during Christmas :(

  2. I am currently searching for a new stylist. My old stylist was awesome but moved away and I’ve gone to see several different stylists since then (about 18 months) and no one cuts my hair right! I have done the word of mouth referral for now but I think I may have to take to the internet now.

    Nancy, to answer your question from another comment, I don’t have a website, I know this domain is open and have been contemplating purchasing it and putting up a site, just not sure if I have the time to fully commit. It is a good idea though. If only you saw how many cosmetics/hair/beauty products I have, it’s insane and it’s constantly changing. The things I don’t like I usually give away. My nickname with my friends and family is the “product queen”.

    Nancy says: It’s SO hard to find someone you like to cut your hair. It’s annoying, really.

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