I heart coupons and freebies

Normally I would post freebies, and coupon stuff on my other website over at Locupleto (check it out!). However, I have decided that today I’ll be a bit different and chat about them all here. Now I haven’t personally ever received free cell phones or anything of great deal. But I’m always scoping out sales and then using my coupons to get products for nearly nothing. Wait it out, that’s what you have to do.

There’s also times where I forget my coupon envelope and also other times where I don’t use it for weeks on end and all the coupons I have inside are expired. I am the “queen” however of getting free samples, as you may already be able to tell if you visit Locupleto. There’s things such as P&G BrandSaver where they mail you boxes of samples, if you just twist around your address a little. So make sure that you check out my other website, since I always post when the P&G becomes available. It only happens a handful of times per year, but when it does – boy is it good.

Have you gotten any free stuff with the help of any friends, or maybe websites? Leave your favorite one’s below.

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