A Fossil Giveaway

There is something for YOU in this bag I’m holding!! Thank goodness for that cami I’m wearing underneath that top of mine. Looks like my belly wanted to come out to play. Yikes! Don’t want another flashing incident happening here.

Since I love Fossil products so much, and I’ve gotten my two co-workers on the Fossil Wagon â€” I have decided to host my own Fossil giveaway. This means Fossil has absolutely nothing to do with my giveaway. They do not know that I am hosting this giveaway. It’s my money and I want to give back to my readers! Ha. Whatcha think about that? Seems pretty nice right? Let’s keep reading.

But first, a sneak peak of what one of you will receive:

I’ve been noticing the Fall 2012 trend vamp into a little bit of a different style than my favorite boyfriend watch. I picked up the latest Fossil catalog and noticed that a lot of the watch straps are getting smaller, and most of them were leather. It has more of a retro spin on things. Almost like an aviation series.

Fall 2012 Fossil catalog

I actually really like the men’s watches (shown on the bottom left, of the image above). So rugged, but very preppy at the same time.

So, what did I go out and get for you guys? A Stella Leather Watch! Of course, the watch will come with a gift receipt in case this isn’t your style at all. Because to be honest, the new watches out from Fossil (the Heather, and the Georgia) isn’t really my style. I love huge clunky watches on my toddler sized wrist. Balances everything out ;) Because of that, I got the best of both worlds, and picked out an in-between watch. One with a thicker leather strap, and larger face! Stella never fails.

There she be, all brand spanking new in its packaging. Can’t you just see yourself wearing this and adding it to your Fall wardrobe?

Me posing with it. I felt as if I had just bought a watch for myself, I was super excited about it!

The cute box miss Stella will arrive in, to one lucky winner. I picked this one out, all by myself! ;)

I’m going to have my giveaway open to anywhere in Canada and the USA. Enter away using the Rafflecopter form below. This contest will run until 12:01am on August 31, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely am in love with this watch… I agree with you I usually like the chunkier watches but this one that you picked out I would totally pick too. If I won, don’t worry about the gitft receipt! Awesome giveaway by the way!

  2. I’ve always been a big fan of Fossil watches. I wish fossil made a more climbing friendly watch. I haven’t owned a Fossil watch in a couple f years but I think it’s time to take another look. Thanks for posting. :)


  3. My partner gave me a fossil watch for my birthday last year, but I had a bike accident and scratched it all up! I’d love to get another, just can’t justify the expense right now.

  4. I love Fossil watches & wallets, especially the bigger watches like you mentioned. And what an adorable box!

  5. you know me…
    im in love with miss Stella.
    I have 2 of her besties at home.

    im sure they will welcome another friend… even if she is the skinny beotch of the group, lol!
    what a cute litttle leather band. Ive always gravitated to the big chunky watches too,
    but theres certainly room for one more, as you said… a perfect pairing to this falls wardrobe.

    fingers crossed!

  6. Well, this is exciting, and super, super nice! I don’t really wear a watch – instead I use my phone. So this could switch things up a little (and I loveeeeeeee their packaging, especially the faux bois on the bag!)!
    Patti recently posted..Haunted by Halloween!My Profile

  7. Ever since reading your blog and your love for Fossil and seeing all the beautiful watches I have been dying to own one. Its on my wishlist for my birthday with fingers crossed it would be so nice to win one. I love this watch. Thanks for the chance to enter Nancy and for your genrourisity

  8. Wow nancy! How amazing is this! I’d love to win this since my favorite watch was broken in Niagara Falls last week and is at the bottom of the horseshoe falls :( it was such a pretty watch my mom bought me years ago before she died it was old though! Anyways, thanks for such a generous giveaway yet again:)

  9. You are pretty bold and amazing for doing this. That being said I love the watch and would to have it because I cannot afford it myself.

  10. This is incredibly nice of you to host your own giveaway! I have been a long time fan of fossil watches and am in serious need to of a new one. This watch is awesome!

  11. I used to really like Fossil, but forgot about them until you blogged about your recent purchases. Thanks for re-introducing the brand!

  12. I LOVE it! Saw your link from PB Finger’s twitter… would love to win, and have enjoyed reading your blog. Consider me a new follower :-)

  13. love your style! i also prefer the men’s watches on my small wrist. i feel a like i can kick some butt when i put it on. love the one that you’ve picked out for your giveaway!

  14. Ohh!! Thanks for the giveaway! I’m not usually a watch type of girl, but this one is so cute that it would definitely convince me to start!

  15. Fantastic giveaway. Very nice of you to do this! I am not really familiar with fossil but it seems like a great brand!

  16. As a loyal Spiffykerms fan, I know how much you love Fossil. I’d love to win this watch because like you, I think this is one of my favs. Great giveaway.

  17. LOVE fossil watches. This look is classic, and just like you said, the best of both worlds! Plus, my dog’s name is Stella – it’s a perfect match! I love everything about this watch and my dog! :)

  18. Thanks for the giveaway! I don’t even own a watch but I could really use one. P.s. I love your Youtube videos. :)

  19. My mom is a huge fan of fossil watches!
    She has hers forever and it is still holding up great!
    Definitely deserves a nice new one, though. :)

  20. Nice watch, nice taste ! I love Fossil as well. Their handbags and sunglasses (that I own) rock ! So…this watch would totally go with my Fall wardrobe. !!

  21. Oh my goodness, it’s so awesome that not only are you doing a Fossil giveaway, but that it’s you’re own giveaway, and not a sponsored one! Whoever wins this is a lucky girl.

  22. That’s such a beautiful watch! You’re so sweet to give one away :). I’ve been obsessing over Fossil watches for months hoping to buy one. Can’t wait to own one!

  23. I’ve been looking for a watch ever since learning (a couple of years ago) I’m allergic to my plastic sports watch. This is an incredible giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. Fossil watches and handbags are classic and chic. Your choice will go with everything .. casual, business and even date night. Thanks.

  25. I finally have my first fossil item – a leather wallet that I received for my birthday – that watch would look great with it :D

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