Exposed boobs and another purse dilemma

Last week I blogged about how my J Crew purse broke and I received my refund. 

Zara purse
Zara purse

This week my Zara purse is giving me major issues.

On Tuesday I stopped into Sobey’s on the way home after work to grab a few groceries, but as soon as I walked into the store, the darn security alarm went off! I was waved in by some teenage girls working there. That was fine — I picked up some raspberries, salad and milk and got my arse out of there. Only for the alarm to ring again, as I was walking out. Sure enough, waved on to carry about my business, while everyone else thought I was stealing… no big deal.

Wednesday I went to the mall during lunch and happened to run into Steph!! I was already frazzled when I saw her because I had been inside Winners, Mexx and Jacob and all three stores set off the buzzer. It’s not even a new purse, and no I wasn’t wearing anything new to set off the alarms.  So sorry Steph, if I was awkward talking to you. That’s not all.

No friend. I was wearing this buttoned up shirt, and my freaking middle button unpopped and exposed my bra (aka my BOOBIES) to the entire mall. Why didn’t someone stop me to tell me? How long was I walking around the mall for, with it undone?

Now that i think of it, that is one ill-fitting top.

It was not a good mid-week. At least it’s Friday Junior. I think I need to switch back to my Fossil bag. That one has never given me any issues. 

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  1. well
    should I now feel badly about …. me?
    your boobage being revealed made me giggle.
    and I needed a giggle.


  2. Omg! That has happened to me before with the same type of shirt. The girls are hard to keep tame lol. It’s actually happened so many times that I now wear a precautionary cami underneath. Or a strategically placed pin holding it closed.

  3. You were having an Elaine from Seinfeld moment when she lost the button on her shirt and didn’t know and exposed her boobies to everyone on the street.

    I have had many many wardrobe malfunctions over the years.

  4. Lol neither Tim or I spotted boobies, so hopefully it hadn’t been open too long!

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