Marketing department (ie: me) rocks


I always get fun promotional items while working as a Marketing Assistant (and Graphic Designer). Look at all of the customized gel pens we ordered! I think there’s 550 in total, with six different shades to choose from. I chose the lime green to sit on my black keyboard. I get to pick out and order a lot of things at this job. I recently purchased post-it note booklets with our logo imprinted on. Anyway, the company was pretty swift with getting the pens to us, I only ordered them sometime last week.

♥ I love my job.

I think my body always needs nine hours of sleep, regardless of what my mind wants. I decided to be brave and go to bed a little later than usual last night — midnight, instead of eleven o’clock. I set my alarm for eight, since that’s what time I normally wake up. I was having such a great snooze. But my boyfriends blackberry alarm clock went off this morning, I looked at my watch wondering why HE was waking up so early and I realized it was 9:11AM! I swore a few times, grabbed my clothes and ran to the bathroom to get a 2½ minute shower. Yes, I used soap and shampoo, no I don’t know how I did it so quickly. Perhaps it was the adrenaline pumping in my body panicking because I was so late. I was a multitasker for sure this morning. I was doing pretty good on time, as I left the house at 9:25 (ch–yeaah!). Of course I had to wait 18 minutes for the first bus to bring me to the downtown terminal, and stop and pick up passengers at every blooming stop on the way down. I was wondering if I could catch the fast bus to work that leaves the terminal at 9:55, and what do you know — luck was on my side. The bus parked at the terminal and I booted it across to catch the ‘fast bus’. I made the 9:55! I don’t know how I did it. I was in work at 10:05, after not even being awake for an hour. Normally it would take me 45+ minutes to get to work, by bus. I usually have a long stop over, and the bus drivers are slow driving, so it takes 2x as long to get anywhere. But I made it! My boss was okay with it and everything — which again why I say: “I love my job.” I’ve worked in previous places where it was absolutely no tolerance for late people. No kidding! She told me that the next time it happens, I should just take my time lol. Aww.

But. I now have a headache. I think it’s going to be one of those days.

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  1. OMG I am a RETARD with pens and I could seriously use like…five of every color for work. I am so jealous! Customers always steal my pens when I give it to them when they need to sign their credit card slips.

    As much as I kid myself I need at least nine to eleven hours of sleep. Anything else and I tend to get cranky.

  2. I love pens!!! Haha.

    Man, what a shit day! I had one of THOSE days yesterday actually. I was running low on sleep because the guys on the same floor as me got home late and made a whole lot of noise while drinking at 3AM… And everyone had to be up at 8AM for meetings in London! So um yeah, my alarm didn’t go off and I had to get ready in 20 minutes :(

  3. oh free stuff is the best and i have a feeling today is going to be a day like you had for me. I only got like 4 hrs of sleep (my own fault) and school is like 6 hrs and I dont think im gonna make it thru. lol

  4. Hehe… I sell those pens! My job is sales for a promotional items company. It’s def a cool ass job to actually sell those things as well as buy them!!!

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