Um. So much for No Buy Month. I ended up getting Easter treats (for tomorrow) to make a cheesecake, and I even bought lunch because yesterday was incredibly busy, during lunch time at the bank and the grocery store – I had to race home to let Alfie piddle, then race back to work. Thankfully there’s a coffee shop in our building that makes delicious panini’s, so I asked the guy to make me one. Yum.

I also have to go out tomorrow to buy one of those $20 hand mixers to make a cheesecake (my first one – ever! It’s so easy too, if it comes out right I’ll link the recipe from Kraft Canada.

Just took Alfie out on a two hour (slow) walk so he could get used to people. Bark bark bark. Vicious little attitude.  Old men have a thing for ladies and puppies. I don’t know what it was all about, but when I sat down on some steps to take a break, all these creepers came and sat next to me.

He’s quite exhausted there now. Finally, I don’t have to watch him and jump out of my computer chair to discipline him because he’s conked right out on the floor next to me. On his side. Adorb!!!

Have a happy Good Friday! Poor Boyf has to work all weekend :(

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  1. oh he is so cute! old men always are attracted to me too…..i think because i am old :(
    have a great weekend!

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