Painting the basement!!

I haven’t left the house, since Thursday night when I went bouldering at the gym! I’ve been working on my room [pics of very messy unfinished room] downstairs which I’ll be moving into shortly – painting the furniture and walls. Paint swatches here. I’d say it will all be finished in about 4 weeks time. The two cubboards, and the table with all the paint on in, isn’t staying down. What’s cool about the place, is that I get to keep my Dad’s drawing table he used down there.. I also have to bring another dresser, a couch, and my bed down there. I’m SO excited!! It’ll be super chilly down there, but that’s fine. I needed a bigger space anyway. I’m going to have a bunch of people over to my house, when it’s all finished, maybe for a “wine and cheese” type thing. I totally want a bar fridge. So I’m going to get one of those, when it’s all done. Weehee!! I haven’t touched a school book at all this weekend. Trouble! I should have caught up on some extra work, but I was too busy in the basement. There’s one more coat of paint to go on that massive room (28′ x 14′). haha, I got some crazy news! My nephew (well, soon to be) who is 11ish, lives in Ireland with my Brother (of course). Just auditioned for a movie!!!!! I can’t wait to meet these two little boys! I’m going to take them indoor climbing when I go over there this summer. haha, anyway, one of the lines in the movie that Eoghan (pronounced Owen) has to say is: “I don’t give a f**k.” ha! Okay I’m going to go wash up, I feel so dirty after sanding and painting. Blarg! Adios people.

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