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I’ve been braiding my hair quite a bit this week. I think I may film a tutorial on how to do it without showing your scalp like a regular french braid does. Ew, bald. I’ve also not been wearing mascara this week. Ignore those morning eyes. :)

I also dyed my hair last night. It came out nice, but the roots are a bit too strawberry blonde for my liking. Luckily the camera didn’t actually capture it. My co-workers were telling me at work today that it looks fine. I listened to them but at work I booked an appointment for the first appointment for 6pm to get my roots done, since they are noticeably different and I’m not a fan of it. Maybe just maybe I’ll post before/after photos. We’ll see, lol.

I’m not sure why I create such hair drama in my life…on with the ootww I suppose:

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  1. I love the braid!
    Now I want to copy it!

    Nancy says: Thanks! It’s much easier than a french braid in my opinion. I’ll film a video on how to do it. :)

  2. You always look great on oootw! Impossible to choose just one day. Loved the hair as well.

    Nancy says: I was wondering where you’ve been! Good to hear from you again :)

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