Why I work out

I just don’t think about it. I just do it. When I sign up for my classes at CrossFit I have to immediately drive home after work, put on my workout clothes and head out the door quickly to make the class in time. There’s no sitting around and deciding whether or not I’m in the mood to go.

I posted last week-ish that I took some time off working out and it took a toll on my physical and mental health. I felt like a slob, and I was very whiney. Not a good combo. However, when my body needs the break, I take it. That means that some times I go to Crossfit 5x a week, and sometimes 2-3x a week. It all depends on how I’m feeling, and of course if the workouts don’t suck.

Last week’s workouts were pretty fun. All the workouts were right up my alley and I didn’t feel too weak. While I’m mediocre at CrossFit, I still really enjoy the workouts and always keep coming back. One of my coaches high five’d me because I think we both thought I’d never come back. Lol! September – November I was there maybe 6 or 7 times, and the weeks were just passing by. I wasn’t doing anything active.

“Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired.” – George S. Patton, U.S. Army General and 1912 Olympian


Never let your body tell the mind what to do.

People have commented that I’m a fairly active person and very motivated.

To put things in perspective for you. I do this because it’s been routine for me for the past number of years. I don’t think of working out to be a chore. I don’t work out to become a beast, even though I feel like one at CrossFit sometimes. I workout to maintain, and to be able to eat sweet treats a little more than once in a while.

We don’t have cable TV (ever since CBC decided that we can’t just plug in a TV and get 2 channels any more, I haven’t watched TV unless I’m home in Newfoundland which is a 3 hour airplane ride away).

So I basically don’t have a choice to just not work out. What else would I do with my time, right? Think about it. My Boyfriend and I of 8 years don’t have any kids. We don’t own a house. Being in a 800sq/ft apartment is easy to maintain, and keep clean. I suppose I could just come home and clean every night and make supper and then hang out on the couch all night but where would that get me?


I also work out so I can eat goodies like that.

One of my awesome readers, Aline (hi!!!) suggested I talk about some of my workout gear because I only seem to post photos of what I’m wearing and not discuss them. Didn’t know that interested people so I’ll remember to start.

I’m sorry I don’t have another new photo of my workout clothes. I don’t take a ton of selfies when I’m running out the door to drive 15 minutes to CrossFit. But for the most part I wear the same things because I’ve been loving the way they fit and keep me warm even though I’m working up a sweat.

Grey long sleeved is a very soft athletic material from Champion. I bought it while in Newfoundland at Costco. Their workout clothes are awesome. I have a white jacket from Costco that I enjoy wearing as a warmup piece. The black leggings are all the same in the photo. They’re quite thick and I received them to review from MPG. I’d like to note that I don’t wear the purple long sleeved at all. The seams were all in weird places and felt uncomfortable. The black zip up is from Sport Chek and it’s by Under Armour. Another thicker material, great for warm ups and getting in cold cars. Finally, the black sneakers on my feet are by Mizuno and they’re the Wave Riders. Technically they’re for running and while I do run, I also wear them to CrossFit too. crossfit-workout-clothes

How often do you workout?

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My CrossFit Journal (Year 2 Week 40)

Has it really been months since I did a CrossFit workout recap? Huge fails.

I usually post this kind of stuff on Monday but I wanted other things to go up before this (boring to you) post. I had an idea. Recap all my workouts once a month into one post? Does that sound like a better plan than posting it weekly? I want my blog to be enjoyable for you guys to read, too. Let me know, will ya?

I am almost at the 3 year mark of joining CrossFit. I’ve had a few bumps in the road where I attend 3 or 4 times in a month and then get all hardcore (I’m actually mediocre for those people who always do Rx’ed WODs), but I keep at it because I freaking love it.

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My CrossFit Journal Year 2 Week 22

I went to CrossFit four times last week. That’s a lot for someone who hasn’t attended regularly since May. I definitely felt it. Friday’s workout was probably the most hard on me due to it being more strength than endurance. I looked at the back of my hands at one point and the sweat was just pooling up on them. The middle of my back I felt drips of sweat sliding down wanting to inch down into my butt crack. It was uncomfortable as you can only imagine.

Oh! How did I almost forget to mention. I hit a PR this week on front squats! Finally broke 100lbs!!

[older crossfit journal entries]


year 2, week 22, day 1

july 29 wodFront Squat
3 at 75%  – I used 75lbs
3 at 80% – I used 80lbs
2 at 85% – I used 85lbs
2 at 90% – I used 90lbs
2 x 1 at 95-100% – I used 95lbs then hit 100lbs on my 2nd attempt!!

10 burpees
10 snatch grip overhead lunge

I used 45 lbs since overhead things are SO flippin hard. I finished 4 full rounds and did 10 burpees in my 5th round when the buzzer went off.


year 2, week 22, day 2

10 minutes of kipping pull up practice

1km run
Then 5 rounds of:
7 wide grip strict pull ups
7 chest to bar
14kb pistols (I didn’t use a weight)
21 hollow rocks

I completed the 1km run slower than last week (5:15) and came in at 5:23.  For the WOD I completed 3 rounds and 9 pistols.


year 2, week 22, day 3

3 Rounds:
21 Overhead medball situps
200m run
15 thrusters
200m run
9 over bar burpees
* Rest 3 minutes after each round

One of the coaches said everyone finished this WOD. So I thought I’d finish it too. But I’m pretty sure everyone didn’t wait the 3 minute rest-time more like had a 2 min rest. Whatevs. So. I didn’t finish lol. I was on my last 200m run and had to do 9 more over bar burpees.


year 2, week 22, day 4

crossfit wod 4th day

This workout posted above was the mental one I was talking about. I don’t know if I’m just really weak with front squats but I had to bump down to 55lbs after the first few rounds because holy crapballs I was finding it impossible to get out 10 in a row. More like 3 and slam the weight down lol….That or the fact I had a tough workout week. Let’s say that ;)

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