My CrossFit Journal (Year 2 Week 40)

Has it really been months since I did a CrossFit workout recap? Huge fails.

I usually post this kind of stuff on Monday but I wanted other things to go up before this (boring to you) post. I had an idea. Recap all my workouts once a month into one post? Does that sound like a better plan than posting it weekly? I want my blog to be enjoyable for you guys to read, too. Let me know, will ya?

I am almost at the 3 year mark of joining CrossFit. I’ve had a few bumps in the road where I attend 3 or 4 times in a month and then get all hardcore (I’m actually mediocre for those people who always do Rx’ed WODs), but I keep at it because I freaking love it.

[older crossfit journal entries]


year 2, week 40, day 1

GWOD (for quality)
2 Rounds
Max effort strict pullups
Max Effort Ring Dips

I ended up doing 4½ strict pullups the first round, 2½ the second round, without a band.
As for the ring dips I used the last coloured band (red) and placed the elastic around the rings and rested my knees on it to help control my arms as they like to bow outward instead of tuck into my body. I did 7½ ring dips the first round, and 7 the second.

3 rounds
15 supines
15KB swings
15 LS/RS KB one arm row

I remember I used a 16kg weight for this and it was absolutely brutal, but I’m glad I did RX for it. I don’t remember the time limit but I completed 2 full rounds and I was on my 3rd KB swing out of 15 on the third round when the timer went off.


year 2, week 40, day 2

O-Lift Practice
Every 30 seconds for 5 minutes
1 Power Clean  *
1 Front Squat *
1 Power Jerk *
* All at 60%
Rest 2 minutes
1 Clean & Jerk
2 @ 80% & 2 @ 85%  (I went up to 70lbs for this)WOD: AMRAP 14
Deadlift 275/205 (was prescribed but I definitely didn’t do Rx)
HSPU (I used a 24″ box, rested my knees on it and dipped my head/body down to the ground… it’s a scaled version)
3, 6, 9. 12, 15… etcIn the 14 minutes I completed 12 full rounds and on the 15 I completed 11 deadlifts as the buzzer went off.



year 2, week 40, day 2

5 Rounds for Quality:
3 Snatch Row/Pull
3 Muscle Snatch (Hang Position)

WOD: For Time (18min T.L.):
100 Double Unders (they scaled it to 50 double unders for a few people… including me)
20 Chest to Bar Pull ups (or 20 strict with band – which is what I opted for)
30 Clean Thrusters; 155/105lb
20 Supine Pull ups
100 Double Unders

It was funny, coach asked us to do as many double unders as we could, to see where we’d fit into the WOD. I did 24, right under the cap. If you did between 1-25, you do 50 DU’s, 26+ you completed the 100 double unders. During the WOD I should’ve really did the 100 double unders, because I was (very rare) the first one to finish the double unders and head to the next thing.

Holy F. The workout was ridiculous. It was really “for time, 30 clean thrusters”. It was supposed to be heavy and I ended up using 65lbs for the workout and managed to complete the 50 double unders, 20 strict pullups with band, 30 effin’ clean thrusters and 7 supines as the clock buzzed the time.


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