My CrossFit Journal Year 2 Week 22

I went to CrossFit four times last week. That’s a lot for someone who hasn’t attended regularly since May. I definitely felt it. Friday’s workout was probably the most hard on me due to it being more strength than endurance. I looked at the back of my hands at one point and the sweat was just pooling up on them. The middle of my back I felt drips of sweat sliding down wanting to inch down into my butt crack. It was uncomfortable as you can only imagine.

Oh! How did I almost forget to mention. I hit a PR this week on front squats! Finally broke 100lbs!!

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year 2, week 22, day 1

july 29 wodFront Squat
3 at 75%  – I used 75lbs
3 at 80% – I used 80lbs
2 at 85% – I used 85lbs
2 at 90% – I used 90lbs
2 x 1 at 95-100% – I used 95lbs then hit 100lbs on my 2nd attempt!!

10 burpees
10 snatch grip overhead lunge

I used 45 lbs since overhead things are SO flippin hard. I finished 4 full rounds and did 10 burpees in my 5th round when the buzzer went off.


year 2, week 22, day 2

10 minutes of kipping pull up practice

1km run
Then 5 rounds of:
7 wide grip strict pull ups
7 chest to bar
14kb pistols (I didn’t use a weight)
21 hollow rocks

I completed the 1km run slower than last week (5:15) and came in at 5:23.  For the WOD I completed 3 rounds and 9 pistols.


year 2, week 22, day 3

3 Rounds:
21 Overhead medball situps
200m run
15 thrusters
200m run
9 over bar burpees
* Rest 3 minutes after each round

One of the coaches said everyone finished this WOD. So I thought I’d finish it too. But I’m pretty sure everyone didn’t wait the 3 minute rest-time more like had a 2 min rest. Whatevs. So. I didn’t finish lol. I was on my last 200m run and had to do 9 more over bar burpees.


year 2, week 22, day 4

crossfit wod 4th day

This workout posted above was the mental one I was talking about. I don’t know if I’m just really weak with front squats but I had to bump down to 55lbs after the first few rounds because holy crapballs I was finding it impossible to get out 10 in a row. More like 3 and slam the weight down lol….That or the fact I had a tough workout week. Let’s say that ;)

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