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I went to a health and nutrition store with my co-worker last night. I’d rather not say the name of the health food store that we went to since when I googled it there was only a handful in our area. Not going to be broadcasting that one out there.  She was putting together a Christmas basket for her parents and wanted some really neat things that you probably wouldn’t find in a regular grocery store. Things that are luxurious and would be great for a special treat.

Of course I navigated my way straight to the chocolate, and candy area. Things were imported from the UK, and even the US. The white Reese’s cups are for Scott. I don’t like peanut butter on anything but bread. The Marco Polo’s are for me. They’re very lightweight in my hand and were pretty cheap when it comes to chocolate at $0.69 each.

As you can see in the photo above, some larger than life apples I picked up. $7.01 for three apples. Over two bucks a pop for those. I will spend any amount of money to get another taste of Honey Crisp apples. They’re almost like candy they’re that crunchy, juicy, sweet and so tasty. Last time I had them was in October when we bought 20lbs worth and picked our own, and we were allowed to sample them while we picked.

I’m very excited to try out this Roasted Red Pepper Aioli, to go on my panini’s or sandwiches. I bet it’s amazing. It was fairly expensive at nearly $7.00.

The ingredient list is short and sweet, with things I can pronounce.

Samples of chips were displayed in bowls and I ended up trying a few varieties. I ended up being shocked that I liked a bean-chip. I’m not a fan of beans at all, and I’ve tried so many different kinds. I just don’t like the texture of it. Either way, I picled up this black bean bag of chips for $5.

Low in salt! Bonus. Again, check out the short ingredient list! So fun.

So my bill came to I think $21 in total, which is pretty expensive, and I mean I can’t afford to eat like this all of the time, but once in a while for a special treat is perfectly okay with me.  I love going out to new places and trying out new things.

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