My boyfriend always ends up making too much spaghetti for the both of us and we always end up having leftovers for three lunches. It’s a bit ridiculous and since neither of us like wasting food, we eat it. Blegh! I hate leftovers to be honest but it’s better than not cooking a whole new dish and getting all of my kitchen supplies all ruined by the box cutter frantically finding my pots and pans to open up my packed up boxes.

So while I was browsing the web I came across a spaghetti measurer. Of course the best finds are always in the states and never available to us Canadians, but I thought I’d post this neat invention. I’ve seen others but this one definitely tops them all.


It also comes in a variety of colors. But I think I like the grey one the best. Or maybe the white! Wouldn’t that be a neat thing to have?

Okay. Back to unpacking. It needs to be done. Boy, do I hate moving.

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  1. I have the same problem after every meal, I cook too much food, and i can´t throw to the dustbin wasting food so the result is very simple: I always eat double than I should. Italians cook 125 gr of any pasta per person (they call that portion “etto”) so they usually pack spaghetti or whatever in 250 gr (two people), 500 gr (four) and so on. Apart from that that the measurer is one of the smartests thing I have seen for ages.

  2. I’ve never seen one of those before but that looks super cool! My husband is notorious for making TOO much spaghetti and not enough sauce! must be a guy thing!

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