10 days left of freedom

I am not in the mood to work out this week. In fact, I was almost pleased my alarm didn’t go off yesterday morning. I had it set for 5:51am and I didn’t actually turn it on. I woke up at 7:30 all startled and was like “OH EFF” waking the Boyf up with my frustrations. He too, was supposed to go to the gym with me on Monday for a super long run before he goes away for vacation without me(that’s for another post. I need more vacay time! ha!).

Tonight’s the Learn To Run program with the gym. Love the ‘class’. As I keep telling you guys on here, it’s so much fun and easier to run with a buddy. Though, it better warm up before I have to go outside with my tank top on. It’s 5 degrees out there.

10 days until my birthday! I don’t have any plans but I’m getting way old and I’m sad lol :( Old enough to realize the top diet pill is still bad news.

I clearly have no news to chat about today. Go enter my contest?

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  1. Wait… once your birthday hits, you’re no longer free?!

    Nancy says: lol!! I have no idea why I said that. I guess I don’t like getting older :)

  2. I am totally excited about your birthday! I need to email you for your address because I got you something! :)

    Nancy says: You did NOT!! <3

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