Fossil wrist stack creations

It only makes sense for me to show you my fossil arm parties over the last little while, seeing as I own 5 watches and 4 of them are from Fossil. I got this blog post idea from Leanne, when she did something similar.

The brown stella by Fossil, shown above is my go-to everyday wrist action for the past few months. It just goes together well, and looks pretty classy. I always get compliments on both the bracelets and the watch. Love that kind of feedback haha. I try.

Another version. The cotton rope bracelet replaced the buckle one, this day ;)

Oops how’d that get in there?

Meant to put this one. Yay McDonalds iced coffee with a pump of caramel!

This massive, noisy gold watch was purchased on eBay during the summer. At first I hesitated getting it re-sized because I didn’t know if the cheap metal could hold up long enough. The sales clerk laughed and said it’d be fine. I’m surprised at how many compliments I get on this watch, because I paid less than $20 for it in total. You can buy one here. A few admired it from afar, asking if it was a Michael Kors! I wish.

Not a stacked creation at all, but I loved my outfit with this watch when I first snapped shots of me wearing it. It’s a Fossil Heather.

Are you into stacking bracelets?

What is your favorite accessory to wear?

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  1. Love all of your stacks! Where did you get the buckle bracelet? I’ve been looking for something just like that to add to my stacks!!

    Nancy says: I LOVE my buckle bracelet. I found it on eBay for a steal of a price!

  2. My gosh, you have so many watches! Jealous!

    I LOVE that gold bracelet too! (In the second last photo… the last gold bracelet! LOVEEEE IT!). Where did you get it from?

    Nancy says: It’s sooo nice hey? lol (complimenting myself, thank you very much)… I bought it on eBay a few months ago!

  3. I love the look of stacking watches and bracelets. I’m still trying to build up my collection though. Do you prefer to stack above or below your watch? I’ve found that it’s only comfortable stacking below (like closer to my hand).

    I love fossil watches… and I guess I have you to thank for making me finally go out and buy one a couple months ago.

    Nancy says: Oh my gosh, you really got a Fossil? Which one? What color! I want to know details lol. As for stacking my bracelets. I like to put them closer to my hand, than the other way around. More comfortable that way on me.

  4. My boyfriend and I exchanged fossil watches for our anniversary. I picked out the rose gold stella, and he got the Ansel Automatic leather one. We literally spend 2 hours in the store trying to pick the one we liked the most.

    I think the next one im looking at getting is one like your white one. What style is that one?
    (sorry i have no clue how to comment on another comment)

    Nancy says: All of my Fossil watches are the Stella’s! Including the white one you like :) (Well – that’s not true… the big ol’ face one is called the Heather)

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