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Hilarious. Whenever I mention food in my blog posts, my stats rise significantly. Guess that’s a sign I should try different recipes, snap a few mouth watering photos and post them if they’re fit to eat.

ootd-sept27Now, on to an outfit of the day. Getting a bit slack on this.

What I wore September 27 driving around before my Boyfriend’s car insurance expired at midnight. We headed out to Walmart, got some crazy freebies and drove around and gazed at all the cookie-cutter homes in the area!

Hat: Abercrombie (circa 2004)
Earrings: Aerie ($4.50!)
Long Sleeved: Abercrombie (Winter ’08 discounts – ended up getting this for $15)
Down Vest: American Eagle (circa 2004) – has done me no wrong. I get a lot of compliments on the shape/color of this vest
Pants: Black lululemon

I can definitely feel the air getting much cooler in the evenings now. I like fall, but this one’s been real wet and I’m not liking that at all. Especially slipping on the leaves that have fallen, while on my walk to the bus stop.

Off to work I go!

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