Happy Almost Birthday!



OOOoooooh! My Dad’s birthday is in a couple of days – guess he’ll be recieving his birthday card a little late. Whoooops. Time flies. HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY DAD IF YOU READ THIS!! <3 hehe, I taught him how to do the “<3” heart in googletalk the other day. One more step for him into becomming internet savvy. Bazzammmm!

I bet anyone (boring) who reads my site a hundred bucks that I had a much more interesting week than them. Let’s see, Monday was pretty complicated. I decided to go ahead and confront a higher authority at work about my current position. That, or consider other options. I’m being vague for a very good reason here folks. Alright, so…next day….Tuesday, I worked out pretty hard for the first time pretty much, since November. I couldn’t run my two mile warm up! Brutal, my arm pits were hurting the next day. Wednesday I went to a Yoga class for the first time – we were doing some difficult positions that actually made me break a little sweat. Then at the end, we had some time to relax/meditate, which I call “Pre-school Nap time”, since a couple of people dozed off and started snoring. I gotta tell you, I wasn’t that relaxed there….since it was in the basement of a church haha. Thursday, a co-worker was driving me to a DR’s appt and we got into a car accident. Everyone is fine. I feel terribly guilty about it all, since SHE was doing ME a favor. I just hope she can get her car fixed. Uhg.. okay on Friday / today at work I was feeling a little ill. I went to the washroom a few times feeling like I had to hurl in the can. When finally I was sitting at my cubicle with one sneaker off, I had to jet out of my chair run to the bathroom while pulling my hair back into a ponytail, and barf about a weeks worth of food up in on of the toilets in the stalls. I won’t be too graphic with that one… but let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. Though, what vomit is pretty? Ok ok I’ll stop. Yah, that’s the extent of me updating for the week. Later all! RANDOM.

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