Back in ’07!

Well then. I haven’t updated in nearly a month. Mainly because I was getting ready to go home to Newfoundland for a little Christmas Vacation, that went by way too fast for my liking. However, I did get a few nice treats during the holidays – like a brand spankin’ new Nikon S6 folks! Hello new pictures, goodbye 7 year old webcam! I’ve been using a Canon for as long as I can remember, but all I seem to buy are lemons that break on me. The last one, I didn’t have it 6mths and the LCD screen went all liquidy. Sent it to Canon, they fixed it/sent it back – and it broke again! This time, it wasn’t my fault (well, neither were the previous times) but one of my drunken friends dropped it into her glass of beer, and it totally fried it. Whatever, $%* happens. I had fun with it, but I decided not to venture out for another canon, anytime soon. 2 cameras, 2.5 years, 3 breaks – definitely does not make me a happy Canon customer. I’m still getting used to the Nikon. At first my nikon was taking blurry AND grainy photos – until my Boyfriend changed some simple setting, and fixed it instantly.

Miss Erin, I have received your Christmas card when I got back to my apartment after my Christmas visit back home – thanks very much for that nice little note!

I gotta go get a couple of things done before I hold the monthly book club meeting which will be at my apartment this month – haha I’m so nerdy. Actually, I’m slack. I’ve only read one of the books and I’ve been in the club since July. We don’t really discuss the book either, which is good on my behalf ha!

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