Those devils we call high heels

I made myself the best supper tonight. Some roasted potatoes, mixed veggies and salmon cooked up. Didn’t take too long to make, thankfully. I was feeling really sick yesterday and part of today (and watching “How Clean Is Your House” isn’t helping). I dont know what caused it, I think there was a bug going around at work. I couldn’t take a sick day either… which has already been explained in previous entries. Grr.

I have my very last soccer game of the season, tonight. Le sigh. Too bad we couldn’t book a field for the January – April season. I spose I’ll have to tough it out and wait until the summer to join another team.

I bought my Christmas party dress last weekend while visiting my boyfriend. Looks some good on me! I’m also going to try and wear those devils we call high heels. Pray I don’t trip and twist my kneecap off like last time. I can’t wait though…too bad I don’t have a digital camera (I bring that up in every entry post, don’t I. haha!) otherwise I’d take a nice fancy picture of Scott and I, dressed up looking sharp. Oh ya!

I gotta go change. My team mate is picking me up since she feels bad when I get the bus. Nice hey? :)

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