Knocked my knee

Tonight I went out to a fairly nice restaurant with Scott’s ‘team’ from work, it was a Christmas Dinner – nice time for me to wear my high heels for the second time. Until I tripped over the stairs going to the bathroom and totally knocked my knee out of place somehow, and managing to knock down some stupid wooden picture frame. The washrooms were in the basement and nobody heard me, thankfully. Anyway, supper was totally filling and I’m ready to burst. Too wide awake to sleep yet.

My work’s Christmas Party is on the same night as Scott’s, not entirely sure what we’re going to do there, but I’m 99.91% certain that I want to go to mine. Mainly because I’ve never been to a real work Christmas type of party. I need to buy a nice dress. While I was in Toronto that other weekend, I was looking for something different to wear, but nothing suited my ‘fancy’ ha!

A little less than 3 weeks until I’m home. I am way unbelievably excited about this. Last year was spent in Ireland with my brother, his new wife, and step-kids. This year, my brother wont be in Newfoundland or anything, but we’re finally having Christmas dinner cooked by my awesome Mom who is a fantastic cook. My mouth is salivating talking about the meal, already. COUNT DOWN IS ON.

I’m going to Mt. Tremblant this ski-season, shall be exciting. Work is subsidizing it for us, so we get an insanely good deal.. so I’m takin Scott with me. Going to do some partying up in Quebec for sure.

Indoor soccer season has 2 more games left. Then no more until the summer. It sucks too, because I thought we might’ve been able to get a league on the go from January – April, but my ‘coach’ (we don’t have a referee, coach, anything – it’s great haha) couldn’t get a building or field booked whatsoever. Uhhhhhhhgg…nothing to look forward to on Wednesday’s anymore!

I get such an awesome deal when I head home this year. My Mom just bought a new computer that came with a 20″ or 21″ LCD monitor – she already had a 17″ flat screen, and my PC had a 15″ lcd…well, my neighbour was interested in buying one of the monitors from my Mom, so she decided to sell the 15″ to my neighbour, and give me her 17″ one! Awesome hey? I’m so excited to get my PC set up again, that thing runs so fast…

Well, it’s 11P and it’s probably about time I get ready for my beauty rest :P Bye bye folkies

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