First experience at Abercrombie

I went on a shopping spree in Toronto this weekend, with my best friend this weekend. Believe it or not we walked a good 23km only going around the Eaton Centre! No lies, since I wear a hefty pedometer hitched onto my jeans pocket, daily. So, Jenna and I hit up Abercrombie and Fitch, one of the stores that we totally envy but have never stepped foot in, until Saturday. That store was so dark, and playing club music it definitely got us in the mood to go dancing & partying, that’s for sure. We promptly decided that we should go out on a binge in Newfoundland when we get home for Christmas. Today, I sent out a “girls night only” e-mail to a bunch of our friends, to go partying a few days after Jenna and I get back to the province. hee hee!!

I thought I ate a healthy supper tonight: Salmon, Green Beans, and Roasted Potatoes. Until I was informed that potatoes are not so healthy for you. What the?! Yeah. I’ve been eating like crap lately, and bringing frozen dinners into work every single day since I moved into my apartment… I was feeling ill on Sunday, and again today. Perhaps it was from excess frozen foods, and not enough excersize since the gym is a drive’s away now rather than in the same building. I can’t wait unitl my work moves again, so I can have a gym INSIDE the building that I work in…rather than hitch a ride with a co-worker and then take 1.5hrs + 2 busses to get home. Ridiculous! :)

I’m registering for my OHIP (medical coverage) card this week, shall be exciting and kind of weird at the same time. I’m going to have my picture on my medical card! haha. Gotta have a good hair day for that I spose. Anyhoo….I’m off to relax. Adiousss.

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