Moving out motivation

I have so much motivation lately. I think being out on my own has had a positive affect on me. I’ve been cooking so much, and been in the mood to get back into painting (after taking a year and a half break!). A few nights ago I made two suppers and froze both of them, then made a third dinner & ate it. Kraft has me hooked on easy recipes for sure.

My cousin flew to NL a little over a week ago, for a couple of days & he stayed with my parents…and my Mom decided to pack up my PC!! My cousin lives three hours away in Collingwood, and when he flew back he drove 3hrs just to drop it off to me! I invited him and his two little girls in, and we talked for a while. Mainly I played with his kids while Coleen (my Mom’s cousin – who I stayed with before I got my apartment) talked with him hehehe. But yisssss I got my ice skates sent up and now I have my PC! Score. I think Scott and I will go skating this weekend – if I don’t go to Toronto to meet up with my friend. I feel like going on the liquor this weekend. Haven’t had a good party since I left Newfoundland sure.

I love not having anything to do. Usually I get home semi-late from the gym and it takes forever by bus, make supper, do laundry, clean up my room a bit, lay out my clothes for the next day. But everything is done now – and it’s only 6:30! I’m going to relax, make a bit of popcorn and watch the tube.

I’m so interesting lately, ya know ya know.

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