You think with all the posting that I do about the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses, that I actually own a pair myself, or have a prescription. No, no that’s not the case. I just love eyeglasses to be honest. I love helping people pick out glasses to suit their faces. Even though I’ve only done it twice — once when my Mom had to get her first set of glasses, and the other time with a friend of mine.

In fact, since I’ve been talking about eye glasses and getting good deals on them, I thought that I should probably make my own appointment to have my eyes checked. I don’t even remember the last time I had my eyes looked at. It has definitely been past the two year mark. I ended up going in on Thursday morning (8:30 appointment), and had them do some tests on me, and of course my eyes are still “better than 20/20”. Which is fine! It’s odd considering my brother, mother and father each need glasses. I guess it’s all those carrots I eat ;)

78612752This is a shot I took while in the waiting room. Sneaky sneaky!


The BF needs a new set of frames soon, maybe I should tell him about Eric’s Review of Zenni Optical since they’re The #1 online Rx glasses store, right? I have already picked out a few that I know would definitely suit him, since his frames are almost like the ones listed above. Don’t want to go too drastic ;)

Want more information? Check out this Zenni review too.

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  1. I love zenni optical! i was told in january that i would have to pay $300 just for the LENSES of my glasses because I have such horrible vision, plus about 300 for the frames. So 600 bucks! My friend told me about zenni and I’m actually wearing a pair right now :) I have 5 pairs now and Josh has 2. Love, love LOVE ’em!

    Nancy says: Wow you’re the 3rd person who said they liked Zenni optical. That’s awesome!

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