VLOG: Trip to Santa Cruz in a 2015 Toyota Camry XSE

Toyota-headerWhile I’m not an advanced car reviewer by any stretch of the imagination, I can still provide some feedback on what I think of the vehicle itself.

I have to admit, the Toyota Prius I had in May wasn’t my favourite car to drive. Something about it made me a bit uneasy, whether it be the structure of the car itself or not feeling comfortable driving a new-to-me car. But there was something about it. However, hopping into the drivers seat of the Camry XSE was a completely different ball game. My husband assured me that he thinks I prefer driving in larger cars, as I grew up with my family driving boat-sized vehicles. That’s not to say that the Camry is huge by any means, it’s just larger and more in charge. Haha!

Onwards and upwards.

Toyota-with-dogThe week I had the Camry simply flew by, and I was a little disappointed to hand it back over to Toyota. But we did have a bit of fun with it for the week while we could. In fact, I ended up taking Alfie on a mini road trip down to Santa Cruz for the day, and filmed a full days adventure.

Yes, this is the video that wouldn’t save properly — I can thank my husband working his magic skills in getting this to work and upload to YouTube for me, finally! I’d love for you to watch it, I know it’s a super long video but I think it turned out awesome (can I pat myself on the back for that one?).

2015-Toyota-CamryYou may notice that the Toyota’s have changed in the last few years, I feel like this model in particular has adopted the front face of their more luxury brand, Lexus. A far cry from a boring family car. This Camry is definitely large and in charge, especially has some give to ‘er getting up to 110 clicks on the highway (65mph for the American folk). Toyota has added some interest to the Camry, the body is redesigned in the 2015 version. It has ultra-suede and sport seats, it’s not your typical camry. I mean, it’s a pretty good looking mid-sized sedan, and it feels like a sportier car.

The layout of the front seats to the dashboard on the Camry XSE was much easier and comfortable for me than others. Digital display in the odometer where it gives you navigation, and temperature readings. You can see that the car itself has a sport mode where you can use the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel to act as if you’re using a manual transmission. Another thing about the Camry is that it has blind spot monitoring system to notify the driver if there is a car in their blind spot. A feature I had come to really enjoy.




Toyota-Camry-XSE Camry-insideI’m not sure if all cars are doing this or not but both the Prius and the Camry had smart key-less entry which means you can keep the key fob in your pocket and unlock the drivers side door with your hand. The other doors stays locked until you unlock them on the drivers side. Thumbs up to the Toyota Camry XSE! I’m impressed.

Beach-DayIf you’re looking for more information regarding the Toyota Camry XSE check out their website.

Disclaimer: The 2015 Toyota Camry XSE was loaned to me for a week to review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Never knew the Camry was so high tech on the inside! I can see why that would be a more comfortable drive than the Prius too. I’m glad you had a nice day with Alfie in Santa Cruz! He’s so cute

  2. I love Camrys! They are very reliable cars. I can’t believe all of the technology that is in this car. I need to make an appointment at my local dealership to test drive the 2016 Camry. I would definitely consider purchasing this model!

  3. The Toyota Prius is not that bad at all. Basically, if it has four wheels and an engine, it’s good to go! I know I’m easily impressed, but being comfortable in the car is a good enough reason to shift gears and change cars. I never had big problems with the cars I’ve used, and maybe this is because of the great care that I give while I use it. But I still love your thoughts on the Camry XSE. That car’s not just a beauty like you but also equipped with advanced technology.

  4. What a nice car! I have a hard time driving new cars for the first few days until I get used to their nuances, but after that I’m good. I think I’d love to drive this one. The new technology that is being added to newer models is awesome and all the comfort features definitely make buying a new car less of a burden.
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  5. I’m a loyal Toyota girl, and still driving my ’09 Corolla around. Sure, it has issues here and there, but that’s to be expected (they don’t make em like they used to!) That said, I’m totally ready for an upgrade, and the Camry is the most logical choice in my mind. It’s the older sister of the Corolla, and JUST as pretty. :) I love all the gadgetry inside…the only thing extra I’ll need is navi and a sunroof, and I’m good to drive away! (BTW your Alfie is so sweet!)
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  6. That looks like a gorgeous car, I love the colour. It seems really comfortable which is really important for a road trip and the radio system looks great too – so important for me as a travel essential because silence on long journeys isn’t good! Your dog is seriously the cutest!

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