St. John’s, Newfoundland

It’s incredible at how much a place can change in so little time. New box stores and huge buildings going up, or subdivisions being built up in what used to be forested areas. When I think back, it doesn’t feel like I’ve been away from Newfoundland for very long, when in actual practice it’s been close to ten years since I moved away from the ol’ homeland.

I thought it would be fitting to show you around The Rock, my home of St. John’s, Newfoundland (Canada), while my bestie from home is visiting.

Enjoy the view and those jellybean row houses downtown. I can’t stare at the pictures for too long, they’ll make me a bit homesick. Guess that means another trip shall be planned soon.Striped-homes


Military-RdThis intersection was my nemesis when I first got my license. 5 ways traffic could go, so to navigate it I started following cars in front of me for the first few times. The rounded building on the left side is where The Guy and I had coffee with a family friend (also a Justice of the Peace) who married us! Behind this picture, is the Newfoundland Hotel (now the Sheraton) and it’s where we spent our wedding night.






The-Narrows See that red house with yellow trim on the left side of the hill? My friend Lori lives there, and as you could imagine, has the most breath taking view of The Narrows. It’s where we spent our New Years Eve this year.

Hope you enjoyed a little piece of my home.

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  1. we just got back from Canada!! and I thought of you the whole time – i loooved it! everyone was so sweet and kind! goorgeous….i’m ready to see more – maybe newfoundland is next?! ;)

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