Open House!

I posted my CrossFit journal for week 29, on Saturday — as I do every Saturday.

But now I have some photos to show you of the open house! The morning was full of fun team activities, and I grabbed these photos off our local CrossFit Facebook page.

If you don’t recognize me with my hair in a pony (since I despise it), I’m in the back row wearing bright yellow. We played dodgeball at first. This was our team. Only 4 people on the court at an allowed time. There were 3 balls going at once. If you got hit, obviously you were out. The balls were red (if you got hit by that one you did 50 squats), green (25 pushups) and white (10 burpees).

Next up was box jumps. The 20 on the side of the box, means 20 inches. I think that I’m jumping a total of 32″ here. I cleared it!

Adding more weights to get the height up. Either I cleared this one, or this was the last one I failed at. Insanely high right? I think it’s 44 inches. I wanted one of the CrossFit coaches stand in front of me in case I bailed forward, lol.The guys ended up going ridiculously high. Check out the air!

Oh yeah. I also flipped a massive tractor tire. I think it was all adrenaline. Because last time I had to flip this monster was back in June or July and it was a  “penatly” for not running as fast as my last lap one time around the building. Here, I look really pale, even with self-tanner on (St. Tropez fail!). Kettlebells was on for the next round. I hate kettlebells. This is me racing back with two 16 kilo (a total of 68 pounds) kettlebells. I think I needed a bit of someone’s asthma medication after that. It was rough.

Last round was a bit more fun with leap frog. Anyone remember how to play this? I totally remember the days of pre-school and leap frog. Everyone needed an explanation and I’m all No no! I toats remember this from when I was 3! Don’t you?  ;)

LEAP FROG!We lost…

But we won, oh we won out here with an amazing assortment of Paleo treats, and a nice BBQ’ed hamburger meal. So so tasty. You don’t know what you miss until you don’t have it anymore. We’re not allowed to have barbeque’s on our apartment balconies at the place we live, so I’m always up for anything BBQ’ed.

There were tons of door prizes too, and I ended up winning a $25 gift card to the liquor store, lol. Which will last the Boyf and I probably a good few months since we rarely drink.

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