My lunch date…with myself.

I kinda have a food blogger streak in me. Only when I feel like it. Maybe that’s why my site is so all over the place. So many ideas and things to blog about. Not just food!

I took a late lunch today. Usually I pop out of my office from 1pm – 2pm, but today I was a little late eating as I was in the groove working on one of my latest designs.

At work, I’m not one to normally eat lunch outside in the summer time. I’m one of those people who get overwhelmed when there is a wasp around. I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you guys but when I was little (I forget how old I was. Probably 10-14 lol around there?!) I was walking with some friends in a tree-cluster area in a field, and one of the girls stepped ON a wasps nest. There were three of us. Myself and the girl in front of me got the brunt of it — while the other girl stood and looked at us. I screamed out to her to get our parents – while we were running forwards trying to get these wasps off our entire bodies. They were STUCK on my arms. STUCK! Swarms of them. I swear there was hundreds just on my body alone. It was a nightmare and it still gives me the heebie jeebies to even think about it.

So. That’s why I dislike it when wasps are around me and I literally launch out of my seat when I see one. I hate being “that” person that does that. But I seriously cannot help it. You’d think being in a swarm of them (and luckily, only getting stung twice) I’d get used to them.

Either way I enjoyed my lunch. I wasn’t too afraid as the wasps that were out were babies. I felt like squishing them with my blackberry, but instead I whacked them away with it. I think I called the mother load in, and decided to go inside when I saw two larger wasps appear.

I had what I like to call an inside out taco salad. I should really replace my recipe picture with the one I took today. It looks more… appealing.

For dessert I devoured my key lime cheesecake that I made Sunday night. A recipe (with a much more appetizing photo) will be up very shortly. It was SO easy to make.

I buy my fat-free pudding at walmart. $0.99. Can’t beat that for a chocolate fix.

Meh, so much for saving it for mid-afternoon snack.

I polished’er off I did.

I did save my raisins for later though. Taking photos in natural sunlight makes for such better photos. These are taken all with my blackberry!

Pretty view during lunch time, looking at all those cars in the parking lot. lol. Time to go back inside! I still carry all of my lunch in this ginormous lunch tote that I reviewed from Cinda B. It fits a lot of tupperware. It gets lots of compliments.

I was feeling the need to keep my hair in tip top shape if I wanted to grow it long, again… so this morning I braided the front of my hair while it was still wet. I’m getting pretty good at it, don’t you think?Also, my nose and scalp are a bit red from hanging out in the sun all day on Sunday for the Boyf’s triathlon. Sunburns are painful in the shower!

I am so excited. I got some news this morning from one of the management staff telling me I’ll be attending (I’m also in Marketing) one of the Golf tournaments this summer. Meaning, working/mingling/socializing at a golf tournament for the entire day! I went last year and not really blogged about it. Maybe this year I’ll supply you with some photos. Here’s just a sneak peak from last year. Tee hee! Their faces are blurred out because I work with these people and don’t know if they’d appreciate being on my site lol.

The beer isn’t mine, ha. I have to state that – I just don’t like the taste of beer. The guy (a “supplier” of mine) and I switched drinks (mmm pepsi). I’m serious!

Hanging out with the local gym guy, and the University mascot. Cream puff, anyone? These were good!

Presenting a huge door prize! This is my scared face — we had to get up in front of 200 people. Haha.

What do you think of this food-blog type of post? Like it or leave it? (Want to see more/less) It took a while to write out and post all these pictures. Man oh man :) Cya all later!

Ps: This is my new blackberry wallpaper. Hilarious, right? Mister King of the Castle himself.

Okay, bye for real this time!

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  1. I love food blogs. Mmmmmm I like to see what other people are eating and getting ideas.

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