Hornet in the house

We’ve been eating our dinner outside on the balcony pretty much every day this week, and last — it’s been so nice outside. I’m hesitant to tell my parents in Newfoundland how amazingly warm it is, since they’re stuck with rain and fog with a visibility of 200m lol… that sucks.

So back to the point of my story — I kept our patio door open during supper last night for some reason and eventually a hornet ended up on one of our lamps. A lamp that probably resembles a wasps nest, I’m pretty sure it’s a hornet though because it’s more black and not so furry. I’m getting itchy just thinking about it. Remember how much I’m terrified of wasps?

I should have just sucked him up in the vacuum. Why didn’t I think of that earlier? Or design up some party invitations telling him the party is OUTSIDE where he belongs.  Instead, I turned off every single light in the apartment, opened up the balcony and turned on a bright light to lure the bugger out. It didn’t work. He kept working on his little nest.

I think it’s still in the apartment. I swear I’ll freak if I see it building a nest. BAM. Outchu go!

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  1. I hope it gets out of there. The other day when you made that post, I wanted to say, I am that girl that people think is crazy when I see a wasp near me (bees not so much). I am deathly (literally!) allergic to wasp stings and have to carry an epi pen with me just in case.

  2. OMG :X

    I’m deathly terrified of bees, wasps, spiders and the like! I hope you can find him… I don’t think I would be able to relax knowing he’s lurking around in the house, haha

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