Fireplaces and wonderful hot tubs

Living in an apartment building in the summer? Completely fine, especially if you have your own air conditioner set up. But in the winter, well that’s another story all together. It makes me miss home. I grew up having a fireplace in the two out of the three houses that I have lived in my entire life. When I’m ready to buy my own home, there’s only a few things that are a must for me to want to purchase it 100%. It should very well have a fire place. I don’t want one of those built in / plug in one’s either. It has to be real, use real wood, and be a real hot fire. Nothing beats coming in on a cold winters day and set the fire place (doesn’t that make you want to eat a popsicle right now? It’s so hot out!) and seriously just sit and relax in front of it all night long. So nice. Of course you’ll have to have a gate put up in front of the fire, like a cast iron one like my parent have. Especially when my Irish nephews come to visit. Don’t want their little fingers in the way. Best way to keep kids safe!

Another great thing (but isn’t a huge must for me) is having a portable hot tub in the back yard. Well, it doesn’t have to be portable, because quite frankly I didn’t know that hot tubs could be portable. Aren’t those amazing to jump in any time of year? Have a little soak and a little drink. Feed me grapes!

Clearly, I’m in the mood for a little vacation. I’m dreaming up all sorts of fun little ideas. I want a house!

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