I got spoiled!

When Cinda B bags wrote me and told me they were sending me something to review, I didn’t realize the something was actually plural: some things. Oh boy, did they ever spoil me! I raced to the post office to pick up my package and rushed home to open it. Inside was a handwritten note which I thought was so sweet. Hi Brittney!

The only thing I mentioned while dealing with Cinda B was that I was interested in the lunch tote, and I picked out a handful of colors that I enjoyed. The color the girls picked out for me is called “Bella Fiore Raspberry“. Apparently that color matches Pantone’s color of the year. As a Graphic Designer, I already feel ashamed that I didn’t know that.

Okay let’s get to it! I wanted to show you the things they gave to me!

First of all, a close up shot of their adorable logo and soft material that everything is made out of. Easy to clean too. Bonus.

Lunch tote can be buttoned up to carry as a “clutch” style, or as a handle.

The lunch tote has a nice sized bottom to it (7″w x 6½”D x 8″h). You can sort of see the size of it here, as a side view.

Inside view.

I’ll be using this as my everyday lunch bag for sure! Which one is Nancy’s lunch? Ohhh the cute pink bag in the fridge!!

Here’s my new lunch bag next to my old one. It’s massive!!

Clearly the lunch bag was my favorite item. It scored the most photos featured here on my blog, ha!

Alright then I got the Vertical Cosmetic bag which will defintiely come in hand. I can also see myself using this as another lunch tote, but it’s not as wide on the bottom.

It has so many pockets!

Yoga bag! I totally need to go to another yoga class and get my own mat, just so I can carry this cutie patootie in with me.

Inside, the pattern on the Bella Fiore Raspberry is really nice. Notice it has a zippered pocket too, for your keys or something!

This flatiron case is great and very much needed in my household. I always put the straightener on the tiled floor once I’m done with it in the morning, and it just doesn’t look pretty all piled up next to everyone’s shoes. Now it can go in the bedroom all wrapped up nice and pretty until the next time I use it! It’s good because it allows you to put a hot curling iron, or flat iron in its case even if it’s still hot!

Products featured:
Lunch tote
Vertical Cosmetic tote
Yoga Bag (not available to buy yet, but Cinda B blogged about it being available Spring 2011!)
Flat Iron / Curling Iron cover

This is a description of it on the website.

CUTE + CLEANABLE Our stain-resistant, water-resistant and machine washable fabrics can handle anything you or your baby can throw at them—literally! To daycare, errands, or a play date, cinda b baby bags and accessories are perfect for moms on the go.

I also think that the “roundabout red” color is pretty eye catching too.

Thanks Cinda B bags for giving me the opportunity to review your products! Love them soo much!

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  1. How do you get these goodies sent to you??? I just went on the website, I LOVE the navy one. Their stuff is so cute! Will you let us know how you like it after using it for a couple of weeks?

    Nancy says: I’ve been using my lunch bag since last Friday – I mean I keep it in the fridge and I also like that my tupperware isn’t sideways when I put it in. It can finally lay flat. The cosmetic bag is currently holding my makeup items from the swap I did.

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