Makeup Swap!

It’s a holiday here in Ontario today, and it’s called “Family Day”. I’m here writing a blog post on family day. I’ll quickly write this and get back to my two guys, Alfie the dog and Scott the Boyf. ha! Okay so YAY!

I love surprises!

Okay, it wasn’t a surprise. More like an organized surprise. Since I did a makeup swap with Katie, my friend who lives in Texas. I bought her some items that you cannot access in the states, and she sent me some nice goodies as well! I received the package a week or so ago and I filmed a video about it. Check it out! Also, I don’t have nodular acne so I’m not sure how that would affect your skin, if you do have problems with that.

[click the photo to go to the video]

SO HAPPY! I love swaps! I already want to do another one!

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  1. AWWWW! when I saw this post pop up in my Google Reader, I got just as excited as the day I watched your video! I still need to upload mine… people are going to be BLOWN away by the package you sent me. there are so many amazing goodies!

  2. I am really excited to see Katie’s video…Katie if you’re reading…let’s see it! hehe :) Oh and PS I am in love with Katie’s eyebrows. I am a brow weirdo, in case you didn’t know that already. I would LURVEEEE to do a makeup swap with you sometime if you want!

    Nancy says: oooO!!! Seriously, I’m all for another makeup swap. Just not yet or soon. Even just mailing the pkg was pricey!

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