Hoppy Easter!

Usually every Easter I have a plan to spend time with family members or friends. But this Easter there’s nada whole lot going on! I’m not entirely sure what I’ll cook for supper, but you better believe these taste buds are going to enjoy whatever I buy, or make. I’m pretty stoked. Ha ha! Will it be a mini ham? A roast chicken? Or a McDonalds trip? Who knows. Have to figure that out pretty soon, I think stores are closed today and Sunday.

Last year I drove up north to visit some family members, but Easter just came out of nowhere this year so there isn’t a real plan in place.

Since we got today off (being that it’s Good Friday), I contemplated going to do a bit of shopping in Toronto but I’m not up to fighting my way through traffic on long weekends. Stores are probably closed though.

I do know some people who are going to down to Hershey Pennsylvania in the states to do a bit of shopping. How fun does that sound? I’ve personally never been there but they were asking me to go with them, and even sent me a link to the hotel they were thinking of staying at. Not sure if they ended up with this one or not, but it looks pretty decent seeing how it receives 92% in great reviews. Mind you, it’s only 12 people, but still — pretty good ratings at that.

hersheylodge2This is the hershey lodge suites. Looks like the perfect little hotel for cozying up on a chilly Easter weekend after punching in long hours at the shopping outlets :)

Have you ever been shopping in Hershey, Pennsylvania?

What are your Easter plans?

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