Top ‘o The Marnin’ to yassss

Happy St. Paddy’s Day B’ysssss!!

Did you know, that I’ve been to Ireland twice? 2005 and 2007 to visit my Brother and his Irish fam-jam. I have four Irish nephews that are all so terrific and they’re in the process of moving to fantastic Canada. Ireland is expensive to live in, you know. Hard times. Being away from my brother and even my parents sometimes gets me down. But living away for four years, you get used to it. With a visit back home one or two per year does me some good. I tell you, when my brother makes that move over with his children I’m going to book the next flight out of Toronto and jet down to see them for a nice long week. Maybe bring them all prezzie’s too, because that’s what awesome aunt’s do.

I have no recent pictures of them all because my brother’s a bit slack in that department. I have no idea what my two year old little buddy looks like! Here’s a picture from August though lol. Isn’t my SIL super pretty?

summer09I can’t wait to show you how much green I’m wearing. Maybe I’ll post it tonight/tomorrow though as it’s on the BFs camera.

So! I made my first sale on Ebay and mailed it out successfully yesterday. How exciting it was, seeing everyone “watch” my auction with zero bids until the last day, and then vava voom the prices rose. I can see how people can make such a profit on things. I can wait for things to go on sale over at Lululemon and re-sell them on ebay for higher. That’s not truly like me to do that, however. But it could be a good idea if I were stuck for cash.

See ya later all!

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  1. Hi, saw your comment on Oh She Glows “Patty’s Day” post ;) Ireland is totally expensive to live in alright, I feel sorry for people who settle here they must get such a shock. I’m kind of used to it, things have been expensive since at least before I started working, or maybe just coinciding with that (I could be being paranoid though…) Re your profile, What Not to Wear is shown here daily too. I only see it occasionally if I’m not at work (and already record way too many things to keep on top of as it is) but I really like it…the presenters are MUCH better than the UK version. I could probably do with someone telling me what to wear, am such a slob ;)

  2. Hi I read your post on blair fowler’s blog about bold eye liner…(the green one) . Here a tip fro blue eyes: the color that complements blu is orange, but also a burgundy color (almost a dark purple). You can try Mac’s Bordeauxline, Permaplum, Prunella and a great one is Foxy Lady!
    Hope you find this useful

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