It’s the first day of Fall! Hope everyone had a good week whether at school, home or work. Wednesday and Thursday I had a nasty headache that just wouldn’t go away. I went to bed at 11pm last night and even hit the snooze button on my alarm this morning. It was a nice needed rest. I even put on a bitta lip gloss! It’s crazy bright right now, but went on clear (you can’t see it in the photo because I had JUST put it on when it was “clear”). Trickster lip gloss.

What does everyone have planned this weekend? I think I’m going to go to Sport Chek and spend my gift card that I got, and also belay at the local climbing gym for some volunteer hours to get a free month membership. ;)

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  1. Loving the olive denim on Wednesday! I’ve been trying to find olive skinny’s that I will like for awhile now.

    Nancy says: The photo must be a bit off! They’re actually tree trunk brown, cords! (lol tree trunk) Olive (a very very light olive) is on my list of to-buy’s this fall. Can’t find the color I want anywhere.

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