Time for a checkin…

Writing a blog entry on an iPad is difficult. I suppose I could use my 5 year old laptop that always flicks to the year 1998 when I turn it on, but it takes too long for me to be patient enough to use it. My computer here at home is broke. But it won’t stop me from my addiction blogging.

As I posted last week I just got back from San Diego and now we’re going on another trip soon to Ironman Canada. I have a ton of posts lined still from my San Diego recaps (see part one, and part two in case you missed them) so I’ll be pumping out those posts all week.

Don’t forget to enter the Glymm Box giveway for September. It ends on Friday and of course available only to us lucky Canadians.

I’m off to CrossFit now tonight. Wish me some much needed strength — haven’t been there since July! I kinda just want to stay home and eat garlic bread on lake cottage furniture. I’ve been vacationing, and babying my sunburn that I got so it’s been a while. Death by pullups tonight! :)

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