Ew. Gross.

I’m starting to peel like a mofo. I’m not wearing a tank top for days. Exfoliating isn’t helping.

I’m not posting any before photos from when I was tomato red, since I’m embarrassed that I let myself get burnt. But let me tell you there was a jaw dropping difference between my unexposed skin, to the burnt parts. Completely shockingly noticeable on my belly. Basically exactly like the photo shown in Stephanie’s blog post. I know :(

I took this photo of me at work last week and I’m finally feeling better after the weekend. Check out the tan line difference and my whiteness showing through. Brutal hey? What’s worse is that my entire front side is brown now, but my entire back side of me is pasty white still. So when I wear shorts, you can definitely notice a difference where my legs are tan on the front and white in the back. At least they look pretty from the front, right? lol

Thankfully I’ve purchased some self-tanner. As soon as my skin doesn’t look like a snake, that self-tanner is going to be my BFF. Almost like having promise ring etiquette. Except not.

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  1. Hey Nancy, I know you like using the Avene lip balm but I use the Avene Trixera Emolliant Balm for sunburns (it’s good for eczema too!) it REALLY helps with peeling. I got a nasty sunburn when I went to the Grand Canyon and I didn’t peel at all.

    Hope that clears up for you soon!

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